'David' takes over 'Karen' as the UK's biggest complainer

'David' takes over 'Karen' as the UK's biggest complainer

There was a time when 'Karen' memes were rife – but it turns out, it's actually Dave who's the problem.

To recap, 'Karen' became the name of any middle-class, middle-aged white woman who exhibited entitled behaviour. She is depicted as having a short, bobbed haircut and often wanting to speak to the manager over minor inconveniences.

The Karen phenomenon took off worldwide and soon became ingrained into our vocabulary, telling people to "stop being a Karen" when they were acting rude or problematic.

Even Kanye 'Ye' West jumped on the bandwagon when he confronted Piers Morgan during an interview. "You don’t hold accountability to my pain, you’re being a Karen," he told the host.

There have since been food chains across the UK dedicated to the characteristics of a Karen, and Halloween costumes that include the infamous wig and a pair of sunglasses.

However, recent research from TrustPilot shows Karen is not the problem at all. In fact, the name did not even make it to the top 10 biggest complainers in the UK.

The review platform is said to receive around 2 million reviews every month to help consumers shop safely.

They recently delved into who leaves the most one-star reviews. Nine of the 10 were actually men, with 'David' taking the top spot as being the worst:

1. David - 20,020

2. Paul - 19,562

3. John - 18,632

4. Chris - 16,642

5. Mark - 16,495

6. James - 15,079

7. Sarah - 13,971

8. Steve - 11,399

9. Michael - 10,871

10. Andrew - 10,851

Meanwhile, in the US, all top ten moaners were men with John being crowned the biggest complainer.

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