Delivery driver sends letter to woman complaining about how much she tipped

Delivery driver sends letter to woman complaining about how much she tipped
DoorDash driver leaves shocked customer note after eating their food
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A woman who ordered a food delivery was surprised to discover a letter attached to her order from the delivery driver complaining about her tip.

Real Estate Advisor and TikToker Katrina (@katrinasoldit) from Florida took to TikTok to explain how much she tipped, the distance of the delivery as well as her thoughts on the unexpected addition to her order.

"DoorDash driver attached this condescending letter to my order because my $5.55 tip for a $15 meal (2 mile trip) was not enough for him," she wrote in on-screen text.

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"So this letter was attached to my meal that I ordered on DoorDash last night,” Katrina explained. "Basically, this letter is saying that all delivery expect a minimum $10 tip whether it’s one mile or ten miles.

"I think this is absolutely ridiculous, and I didn’t even complain to DoorDash because it just made me laugh."

Katrina then added how she used to work for DoorDash, but during her time on the job she “never expected a $10 tip.”

"Sh**, I was grateful if I got a $3 tip. Anyways I’m gonna leave this letter for you guys to read for yourself and you tell me what you think, am I the a**hole in this situation?" she asked.

The TikToker then inserted an image of the lengthy letter to show to viewers.


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Since posting about her delivery experience, Katrina's TikTok has gone viral with over 197,000 views, 10,000 likes and plenty of comments from people

One person asked: "Did you leave a one star?"

To which Katrina replied: "I didn’t bother to rate it. I don’t want to get someone fired, he’s obviously already struggling, this is just a wild encounter I wanted to share."

"As an ex server tipping has gotten out of control tbh," another person said.

Someone else added: "What he spent in paper and ink to print those and give them out probably cost more than the tip!"

"Thats when you edit the tip and change it to $0," a fourth person commented.

A DoorDash spokesperson told indy100: "We do not have an on the record comment.

"On background - we can't confirm the authenticity or accuracy of the claims made in the video."

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