Delivery driver claims he orders food and then pays himself to pick ...
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A delivery driver has divided viewers after he revealed in a TikTok video that he doesn't accept orders under $10.

TikToker @gigdoctor detailed in a video the reason behind rejecting smaller orders, noting how "it's just not worth it."

"Good morning everyone, I just wanted to share with you how I choose and reject orders from DoorDash," the TikToker said at the beginning of the video.

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The first order that popped up was a $4.25 McDonald's delivery 2.6 miles away which the delivery driver said he "would definitely not take" because the order is "just too small."

He added that his DoorDash acceptance rate (based on the percentage of deliveries that you have accepted out of the most recent 100) is "really low" sitting at around 4-10 per cent but also said he was not trying to be a Top Dasher which allows drivers to have an unlimited schedule.

"When you consider how much gas costs these days, driving to the restaurant, having to wait for it and everything, it’s just not worth it unless you’re getting paid a little more," the TikToker explained and described how he is "very selective" in what orders he does and told viewers "don't be afraid" to be like this.

But he did warn viewers that "once you take an order, don't cancel the order," because the food delivery companies do "frown on that," and can cause you to get paused on the platform.

"Examples of Orders to Decline on DoorDash. Work smarter, not harder don’t worry about status. Status doesn’t pay the bills," he wrote, sharing his main message in the post caption.


Examples of Orders to Decline on DoorDash. Work smarter, not harder don’t worry about status. Status doesn’t pay the bills 💵 #doordashdriver #doordashtipsandtricks #doordash

Since sharing his advice, the @gigdoctor's video has received over 676,000 views, 36,000 likes along with thousands of comments from people who have shared their thoughts on the matter.

Some disagreed with the delivery driver, and argued he would be making more money doing the orders instead of waiting for a bigger order to pop up.

One person said: "Declining $5 to drive 2 miles? That’s good money for a few minutes work."

"They probably send the big pay orders to those who accept more orders. They send the crumbs to those to cancel constantly," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "At a certain point won’t you sit there long enough that you could have just done the delivery and made some money?"

However, there were also plenty who agreed with the TikToker and hoped more delivery drivers would follow suit so that small order delivery habits can change.

One person wrote: "Nice! The whole community of drivers needs to be like this then it’ll start to change."

"It’s crazy that they know how expensive gas is and still send us $3 orders," another person said.

Someone else replied: "Also if an order sits there for too long with no takers they will increase the amount the driver is paid until someone accepts it. Keep declining!"

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