Disgraced Fifa exec Chuck Blazer has a defunct blog, and it's all kinds of amazing

Amid the arrests, resignations and general farce of the last week at Fifa HQ, your attention may well have been averted from a small, but positively wonderful gem of the footballing world.

Gathering dust in a quiet corner of the internet is the now sadly neglected chuckblazer.blogspot.com, or to give it its full title 'Travels With Chuck Blazer and His Friends...'

Friends like...

Blazer, the former Concacaf official who was suspended in 2013 amid corruption allegations, is thought to have acted as the key informant that helped the FBI investigation which resulted in last week's arrests.

Noted for his lavish lifestyle - which included a Manhattan apartment exclusively for his cats (really) and a gluttonous diet which led to him becoming so fat that he lost the ability to walk - Blazer has been maintaining his blog since 2007 - although it now sadly appears to be falling into disrepair.

As well as relatively dry updates on the administration of North American and Caribbean football, chuckblazer.blogspot.com features an endless stream of pictures of him having a jolly good time with dignitaries from the world of sport and politics.

Perhaps the highlight is his visit to see Vladimir Putin in Moscow in 2010 (Chuck Blazer is on the left in this photo):

He recalls: "The conversation began in a normal enough way, each of us thanking the other for making time for the visit. Genial welcomes continued until at one moment, he looked at me with a very serious gaze and said, without cracking a smile, 'You know, you look like Karl Marx!' I simply winked at him and said, 'I know'." Putin then responded by raising his right hand and giving him a high-five.

Other inexplicably bizarre activities include...

Chuck Blazer having his beard stroked by Michel Platini

Chuck Blazer at the dentist

Chuck Blazer dressed as a pirate (and appearing inexplicably alongside a sexy nurse)

Chuck Blazer and whatever the hell is going on here

Chuck Blazer feeding pizza to a parrot

As one friend put it: "I think being a crook in Fifa before the arrests started must have been the biggest party ever. Like Wolf of Wall Street but with much older men."

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