Report: Disney World ticket prices have jumped nearly 4,000-percent in 50 years
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Disney World is beloved by families across the world who travel to the resort to experience the magic of meeting the iconic characters and seeing the Cinderella Castle in the flesh.

However, fans of the franchise were concerned when a viral TikTok suggested that the Cinderella Castle in Orlando which is synonymous with the park was set to be demolished once the 50th-anniversary celebrations were finished.

But no, that's not happening and here is a breakdown of how the rumour circulated and was ultimately debunked.

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The TikTok account @mousetrapnews posted the video concerned up where they show footage of the castle as the on-screen text read: "Cinderella Caslte [sic] is being demolished!" along with a mock-up image of what a castless Disney World would look like and noted how the news "came out of the blue."

"We aren't crying, you are... okay we are too," the caption read, and the video quickly went viral as it received 3.4m views, 153,000 likes, along with thousands of comments.

Some were concerned about this supposed major update, as one person wrote: "It’s not Disney without the castle."

"Why?! It is an iconic piece of Disney," another person said, while someone else added: "THEY BETTER NOT REMOVE CINDERELLA'S CASTLE CINDERELLA IS MY FAVORITE PRINCESS AND THE ONLY REASON I REALLY GO TO DISNEY ANYMORE......."


We aren’t crying, you are… okay we are too 🥺 #magickingdom #cinderellacastle #disneynews #disneyworld #disneyparks

Though before you panic, all is not as it seems since the bio of the TikTok account in question reveals it was just satire as it read: "Real Disney News That Is 100% Fake. The Moused Trusted Name in Disney News."

Its website states: "We write fake stories about Disney Parks stuff. From Disney park announcements to Disney hotel and resort news to made up Disney partnerships, you can be assured that anything you read here is not true, real, or accurate, but it is fun."

To conclude, Disney is not demolishing the Cinderella Castle it was just a page pulling people's legs and fact-checking website Snopes has also said the rumour is fake - so there you have it.

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