Man thinks sister is 'delusional' as she treats her dog like a child

Man thinks sister is 'delusional' as she treats her dog like a child
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It's no secret that pets often warm the hearts of many and become the pawfect addition to families.

However, one man may not be a fan of that as he called his sister "delusional" for treating her dog like a child.

In a post uploaded to the popular sub-Reddit Am I The A**hole, the man anonymously spoke about his "disgust" over his sister's sweet treatment of her "2-year-old golden retriever."

"Honestly, it creeps me out that she treats the dog like a child and I have really cut down the visits with her since late. My family thinks she needs therapy, while I think she is delusional," he began.

But then, the sister invited him to a birthday party for dog, which seemingly threw him off.

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"I mean that disgusted me. I talked to a couple of family members, and we had all laughed at her suggestions. She even wanted us to bring presents for the dog."

To avoid the situation altogether, he decided to tell his sister that he had other plans and couldn't make it. Also, other family members didn't attend the dog's party, which deeply saddened the sister.

"I was at my friend's place watching an NBA game which she found out through an IG post. She called me to tell me I was an a**hole. I replied that I did not want her toxicity in my life and that she could go play pretend with her dog, but not expect any of us to part-take in this fantasy of hers," he said, which made her cry and hang up the phone.

People who came across the post believed the man was in the wrong for not wanting to support his sister and the pup.

"You're not the a* hole for not going to a dog birthday party because that's weird. However, you are the a**hole for laughing at your sister and belittling her. If you genuinely think she needs help, talk to her and your family about it. Don't just laugh behind her back," one wrote.

"You're acting cruel to your sister. Why do you care that she [loves] and spoils her dog? How is that toxic? You don't have to go to her party but why are you so mean about it? Also, dog birthdays are not THAT weird. I've been to two of them and they were hilarious and adorable. People need to relax. She's not hurting anyone," another added.

Someone else who said dog parties are not something they're into despite their love of the furry friends also thought he shouldn't have treated his sister poorly.

"A dog party wouldn't be my cup of tea (and I say that as a die-hard dog person) but you should not treat your sister badly. People are still fairly isolated where I live. Is she lonely? Was it an attempt to see people in the form of "a dog party?"

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