How Donald Trump and President Obama wished you a Happy New Year


Donald Trump used this New Year's Eve to give his "enemies" and "those who have fought me" his very warmest wishes .

Tweeting to his 18.2 million followers, Trump said:

President Obama is yet to offer a New Year message from his official Twitter, but these are his words from 2015:

Fundraising for the Democrats, and for Old Lang Syne presumably.

In 2015 the Donald went all caps.

But this wasn't the first time the next president wished his enemies well.

Memorial Day 2015

Fathers' Day 2014

11 September 2013

Even on the anniversary of national tragedy September 11th 2001.

Thanksgiving 2012.

How magnanimous.

For contrast, here are the president's tweets on these same dates. The presidential Twitter account only began in 2013, so for consistency we've looked a the President's personal account as well

Obama's Memorial Day 2015

Obama's Fathers' Day 2014

Obama's 11 September 2013

Obama's Thanksgiving 2012

As well as showing Trump's obsession with enemies, it also shows Obama remains the professional politician, in contrast to Trump's self-promotion as an outsider.

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