Last year, in preparation for St Patrick’s Day on 17 March, Donald Trump decided to pay homage to his Irish heritage by launching a range of hats.

They had ‘Make America Great Again’ stamped on the front in gold (because of course), coloured green (because Ireland) and feature a shamrock at its rear.

Except Trump’s hats don't feature shamrocks.

They have four-leafed clovers.

This is a shamrock:

Picture:Picture: Getty

And this is a shamrock:

Picture:Picture: Chris Jackson/Getty

Not this:

Picture:Picture: shop.donaldjtrump/screengrab

Two different things.

People on Twitter noticed...

Come on, there's even an emoji:

That's a no...

It got very awkward

Earlier this year it came to light that Donald Trump's inauguration hats were made in China despite his "BUY AMERICAN & HIRE AMERICAN" mantra.

Also, it seems some Irish people aren't fussed about The Donald.

So, for the good ol’ price of $50 (£40), you too can own a four-leafed-clover Irish hat.

Yes, this is about the time you facepalm.

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