This Trump voter said he hated Muslims, but when some moved into his building everything changed


A man from Nebraska has spoken to local press about his change of heart regarding Muslims in the United States.

John Dutcher, a resident of Omaha, told KETV news how his prejudice against Muslims had changed when a number of new families from Syria, Afghanistan and elsewhere, moved into his apartment block.

There's a Mosque out here in Millard and I even thought about, how you hear people put bacon on their doors. That's how bad I was thinking...

Dutcher said he 'hated' Muslims after the 9/11 attack.

But meeting the families changed his heart.

It took this to wake me up... These two ladies came over and I felt compelled to offer my assistance. They don't speak English and I offered if they needed anything they can come knock on my door, and boy have they!

Now that the hallways are filled with laughter, and the children call him 'Big brother', Dutcher is delighted.

It's music to my ears and better than what was here before...They say, 'John, John, John, bicycle pump.'

If you would have asked me before they moved in, I would have said.'oh yeah keep em out.' Until you get to know these people, they're amazing.

Dutcher voted for Donald Trump in November, but told KETV he opposes the president's travel ban policy.

Despite this heartwarming story, polling of Americans shows support for 'travel ban' exists.

A Morning Consult/Politico poll released on Wednesday shows 55 per cent approve of the ban, but by contrast, a Quinnipac poll on Tuesday recorded an approval figure as 46 per cent.

How many of respondents have met or live near to Muslim families, like Dutcher, is not specified in the data.

Watch the full interview with Dutcher below:

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