We’ve been eating our burgers completely wrong, according to TGI Fridays

We’ve been eating our burgers completely wrong, according to TGI Fridays

Thanks to the world of TikTok, we are inundated with food hacks. While some don’t pan out as well as expected (we’ve tried many), others instantly make sense and are unarguably game-changing.

Whether it’s teaching us the ingenious boiled egg hack or a time-saving back-to-school trick to outing us for microwaving food wrong, we can always rely on the internet to make our lives that little bit easier.

But now, there’s a new shocking revelation that has flipped burger-eating etiquette on its head – quite literally. Apparently, we’ve been eating our burgers wrong – or rather, the wrong way round.

According to the burger connoisseurs themselves, TGI Fridays, flipping your burger upside down can actually improve the taste, as having the thicker bun at the bottom absorbs all the juices and locks in all the much-wanted flavour.

“The reason that many say a burger tastes better when eaten ‘upside down’ is that the top bun is thicker”, A TGI’s burger expert shared. “So, flipping your burger means that there is more bread underneath to absorb the juices and flavours from the burger and toppings as you bite into it.”

“It also means that your tongue meets the toppings first and the burger second. Whether that tastes better to you is down to personal preference - so give it a try and let us know what you find!”

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TGI Fridays have recently partnered with BMX freestyle Olympic gold medallist and former chef, Charlotte Worthington who said, “I had so much fun getting the chance to flip burgers on my bike for once, rather than as a chef!”

They encourage people to join in on their #FlipItChallenge by tagging @TGIFridaysUK in photos of them trying out the new range – eating it upside down, of course.

Winners will receive £50 to spend in the restaurant.

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