There's a video of Ed Balls being tasered and it looks excruciating

A video of Ed Balls getting tasered? The initial reaction for many is, 'Wow, I never knew I needed that in my life'.

But then you actually watch the thing and, as Balls drops to the floor yelling in pain, start to regret every second.

This is not part of Ball's search to find a career less painful than politics, but for BBC documentary Travels in Trumpland, which is exploring America's Deep South.

The former Labour MP and Chancellor of the Exchequer uploaded a clip from the second episode on Twitter.

It shows him "joining the 5 second club" with cops in Opelousas, Louisiana, one of the most dangerous cities in the United States.

In the Twitter caption, Balls wrote:

Every police officer recruit in Louisiana has to be tasered - it’s called ‘Joining the 5 second club’.

You only do it once - it really really hurts...

Some were impressed with his apparent pain tolerance.

While others were more concerned.

Mainly, though, people were confused.

At least it didn't happen on Ed Balls Day.

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