Eight of the most ridiculous things people have done in the name of 'beauty'

There are useful beauty hacks: remember all those new-found uses for coconut oil?

And then there are those that are to be found in the darkest part of the internet and attempted at your own peril. 

These fads have a way of sneaking up on you in such a way that you don’t realise their utter absurdity until you’re...

Splitting your mouth on a coke bottle because you wanted lips like Kylie Jenner

Here are some other equally ridiculous beauty hacks that just don’t work. And are probably hazardous to your health:

Anti-wrinkle 101: Don't smile

Tess Christiansen, who works as a cooking instructor, says she hasn't smiled or laughed for 40 years in order to avoid getting wrinkles. The technique is also said to be practised by the likes of Kim Kardashian.

The Queen seems pretty good at it too...

Use a black sharpie as eyeliner

Taylor Swift has admitted to being a fan of the method. Because putting running ink near one of the most vulnerable parts of your body seems completely logical.

Use glue to remove blackheads

YouTube beauty blogger skip2mylou is skeptical. So are we.

Spray hairspray on your face to set your makeup

Spritzing your face with a liquid ladened with aerosol, propellants and carcinogenic plastic, the combined effects of which can cause breathing difficulty, skin and eye irritations. Oh, and coma. Fantastic idea.

Using Listerine mouth wash to cure cracked feet

This one has gained quite a bit of traction on Pinterest, and if you want your feet to resemble those of a Smurf (or an Avatar, depending on your fandom) go right ahead.

Oreo mascara

And as for my next trick: foundation made from the mud my boots have tracked in.

Finally, let's not forget to apply fake tan with a paint roller

Because it worked out so well for Imogen Silversides.

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