Elon Musk says he sends a bunch of his tweets from the toilet because it gives him ‘solace’

Elon Musk says he sends a bunch of his tweets from the toilet because it gives him ‘solace’

Elon Musk said that he likes to send his tweets from a place that gives him “solace”— the toilet.

On Monday, the Tesla and SpaceX billionaire took to his Twitter to write about his favourite place to tweet.

“At least 50 per cent of my tweets were made on a porcelain throne,” he wrote, suggesting he likes the privacy of the bathroom to share his thoughts.

“It gives me solace,” he said in a follow-up tweet, which didn’t spare his followers any details, which prompted them to make jokes.

Someone even questioned whether or not a “Tesla toilet” is on the way.

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PoopMusk, a page seemingly dedicated to Musk’s poops was also created after his admission to using the pot of glory while tweeting.

Check out the other reactions below.

Musk continued to send tweets out, writing “Model S Plaid is sick!!!” regarding Tesla’s upgraded Model S.

Having an estimated range of 390 miles and a launch date of March 2022 in China, Musk has dubbed it the fastest “production car ever made of any kind.”

According to a poll of over 1,000 people by Solitaired, 90 per cent regularly used their phones while on the toilet.

Due to distractions as well, 75 per cent of respondents claim they frequently spend more time on the toilet than they expected.

In a tweet on Sunday, Musk seemingly highlighted that some of his messages shouldn’t be taken that seriously and wrote:

But due to Musk’s influence, especially in cryptocurrency markets, he sent the price of Shiba Inu, Dogecoin and Bitcoin upwards and downwards.

Elsewhere, Musk asked his Twitter followers this month if he should sell 10 per cent of his shares in Tesla.

More than half believed he should, and a couple days after the poll, the company’s shares dipped by 15 per cent before increasing again.

Musk eventually sold around $5bn worth of shares in the electric carmaker.

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