What is the future of Twitter under Elon Musk?

Now that Elon Musk has taken over Twitter, the platform is likely going to undergo some changes and we have a few ideas that could help make Twitter more profitable.

Some people have raised concerns about Twitter's revenue growth given Musk's promise to make Twitter more free-speech orientated.

If Musk decides to censor content less on the social media platform, advertisers may scale back ads, not wanting to be associated with derogatory language or hateful behavior.

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So the new "Chief Twit" may have to come up with a few money-making tactics to keep Twitter profitable. And we have some ideas.

1. $10 fine when people return to Twitter after publicly saying they'd quit

When Musk first announced his bid for Twitter, people immediately responded by indicating they would leave the app should he take over. Few have followed through.

2. $25 to DM a public figure who doesn't follow you back

Some Twitter privacy settings do not allow people to direct message people who do not follow them back. But for the opportunity to DM Kendall Jenner, people might pony up $25.

3. $1 to trash-talk Musk

If Musk charged $1 to every Twitter user who bashes him, he wouldn't have to worry about advertiser revenue at all.

4. $20 fine every time the conspiracy you pushed gets immediately debunked

In the fight against misinformation, people will have to pay a $20 fine when they push a conspiracy theory that gets debunked.

Musk would've already had to pay the $20 on Monday morning.

5. $2 to quote-tweet dunk

The great American past time - quote-tweeting someone for a satisfying dunk. But it's not the most constructive way to engage - and should incur a small charge.

6. $15 to post a thirst-trap

Why hire a team of content moderators when you can just charge people to post spicy photos?

7. $100 to follow Trump if he returns to Twitter

It's unclear whether or not Musk will reinstate Trump's account but each person that follows the former president should be charged $100.

8. $20 fine for every 12 months a person does not tweet

In an effort to make Twitter users more active, those with Twitter accounts who don't Tweet at least once a year should be fined $20 or close their accounts. You can't just sit on the sidelines folks, get involved.

9. $200 fine for every spam account created

As a well-known spam hater, Musk could put a stop to all spam accounts by fining the people or accounts behind spam a whopping $200 each time an account is created.

10. $60 to post a notes-app apology

Charging someone $60 to apologize for an insensitive comment or old tweet may help others to think twice before speaking, or tweeting.

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