Workers would rather quit than return to office full time, research shows
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When quitting a job, there are unwritten rules people tend to follow. Perhaps you leave a handover or thank the company for the experience and skills you may have picked up along the way – especially if looking for a positive reference to move forward with.

One man, however, kept his departure short and sweet, clear and precise. And technically, he didn't do anything wrong.

In a viral tweet that's garnered thousands of likes and responses, one user shared their unique resignation letter consisting of three words: "Bye, bye Sir."

Twitter users flocked to the post, with some saying they found the letter inspiring and wished they had done the same.

One said, "wish I saw this before I wrote mine," while another kept a mental note "for future reference."

A third joked: "Applicable to breakups of all kinds."

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Meanwhile, another worker quit his job in the most elaborate way – quite the opposite to the "iconic" three-word mic drop.

Joe Simpson shared a clip to Reddit that showed his brother reading out a hilarious letter while he stood on a stool in a black suit and tie.

The letter said: “To whomever it may concern, I write this letter from a place of sorrow and regret.

“These six, long arduous years have caused me to grow quite weary.

“My knees have grown weak and the grease from my elbows has depleted.

“It is not for every man to accept large packages into their back door, nonetheless, it was my duty.

“I have wondered endless aisles, searching for sections incomplete, my gloves doth hold the sweat of many a 12-hour [shift].

“But my shoulders carry the weight of the worker’s burden.”

The ‘announcer’ then goes on to pay tributes to fellow colleagues, while slamming an ex-manager.

He says: “To Chris, you are the father I never had.

“To John, you recognised my true potential, a finer manager I could not request.

“My final thanks goes to Steve, the emperor of this fine establishment.

“You have raised the bar from your predecessor, infinitely. To say his name will be remembered is a grotesque overstatement.”

He concludes: “I finish this letter with many thanks to my former comrades and I hereby submit my formal resignation.”

Well, it's certainly a memorable way to go.

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