Eric Trump boasted that his dad is a workaholic and was immediately shot down

Eric Trump boasted that his dad is a workaholic and was immediately shot down
Eric Trump claims his father is a 'workaholic'

Eric Trump boasted about how much his father, Donald Trump, was a White House workaholic - and it was swiftly shot down due to the ex-president's notoriously light schedule.

In a clip uploaded to Twitter, Eric appeared in an interview on Fox News that discussed how “Americans are fed up with the Biden administration.”

Here’s what he had to say: “These people aren’t present; they’re not fighting for this country. The difference between them and my father - my father sat there 24 hours a day and fought for the United States’ best interests. These people aren’t fighting; they’ve got no energy, they’ve got no charisma, they have no fight,” Eric said.

When people saw the 16-second long clip on Twitter, they decided to point out just what the former commander-in-chief did during the course of the day and made jokes about Eric’s statement.

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Diarrhea of the mouth?:

Eric’s infliction of tone compared to “nails on a chalkboard”:

Others pointed out that Trump didn’t leave his residence until the afternoon:

Trump “sitting 24 hours a day” on his golf cart”:

News outlet Axios got their hands on Trump’s work schedule at points throughout his administration. In 2019, he was in his “executive time” 60 per cent of his working hours.

And in 2018, the outlet further reported that “executive time” meant that he was spending “time in his residence, watching TV, making phone calls and tweeting” and that an ordinary day for him didn’t start until 11.00 AM.

In 2016, Trump boasted that he would remain in the White House “and work my ass off” and didn’t have time for golf or vacations.

He also reportedly spent 428 days at a Trump Organization property during his presidency, as noted in The Washington Post.

According to a HuffPost analysis, Trump also played almost 300 rounds of golf during his one term as president, which cost taxpayers over $150m.

Check out what others had to say about it below:

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