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Donald Trump

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Today in America, it’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day and for the current presidentDonald Trump and president-elect Joe Biden, their schedules for the day are vastly different.

MLK day is a national holiday that takes place on the third Monday of every January in the US. It marks and celebrates the achievements of civil rights leader Martin Luther King. Jr.

The schedules both Trump and Biden have planned for the day have been released and they show a stark difference in the way in which they work.

On Trump’s schedule, it says the President “will work from early in the morning until late in the evening. He will make many calls and have many meetings.”

Meanwhile, Biden “will spend the National Day of Service volunteering” at a Philadelphia-based charity.

The CNN White House Correspondent Kaitlan Collins posted an image of their schedules next to one another on Twitter that highlights the contrast.

People quickly responded to the wording of Trump’s schedule, which one Twitter user said uses “the vocabulary and syntax of an elementary schooler”.

Given the controversy over the last four years of Trump’s presidency, the difference in the two men’s apparent working styles got people excited for a “return to normal” when Joe Biden officially takes office on 20 January.

If it didn’t involve Trump, you’d be forgiven for thinking his schedule was satire.

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