TikTok influencer Ethan Keiser challenged witches to put curses on him just so he could debunk them

TikTok influencer Ethan Keiser challenged witches to put curses on him just so he could debunk them
The power of witchcraft

TikToker Ethan Keiser has challenged all the witches of TikTok to put a curse on him - so he can prove their magic is not real.

As part of his ongoing series to prove the paranormal is not real, Keiser invited witches to curse him even going as far to send one witch a lock of his hair, fingernails, and his clothes so she could perform a curse.

Witches, mediums, psychics, and astrologers are popular on TikTok and often sell their services to people.

"A lot of people are saying that I am playing with fire, I am sacrificing myself to show all of you this is nonsense because I don't want you to spend money on these people and get scammed," Keiser said in a video.

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The TikToker has a link to a public form to his page where people who claim to be witches can submit their requests to curse him.


Reply to @hex_by_evi Let’s see if I survive 🥱🥱😂😂 #science #witchcraft #voodoo @itsethankeiser @itsethankeiser @itsethankeiser

One witch, who claimed to put a curse on Keiser, said her hex would take up to three weeks to take effect but after the time had passed, Keiser said nothing happened.

He took it one step further and said he planned to go several Caribbean islands to encounter 'real witches' to further prove that magic does not exist.


What else can i do to prove magic isnt real? #science #witchtok

As Keiser continues to welcome bad hexes in his life for the sake of science, some people feared for him.

"I'm scared for you. genuinely," a commenter wrote on one video.

"Dude, you shouldn’t mess with those people. That’s very serious stuff there and there may be other consequences," another person wrote.

But Keiser is fearless in his pursuit to prove the witches of TikTok are lying -messing with the supernatural is nothing new for him anyway.

Last year, Keiser tried to get possessed by a demon to prove they are not real.

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