This man proposed on kiss cam and it went horribly, horribly wrong

Songquan Deng / Twitter

Marriage proposals are a nerve wracking experience for everyone involved. Add a camera and a stadium full of people, and it's a recipe for romance - or disaster.

It was a risk one brave man was willing to take. But he probably didn't expect things to go quite so badly.

According to eye witnesses at Fenway Park, Boston, a cameraman was poised to film the proposal for the big screen, but instead, the couple seemed caught up in a fight.

A Twitter user even captured some of it on their phone. Needles to say, America's favorite pastime was the last thing on people's minds at that moment.

It turns out they'd been allegedly fighting for a while...

There are also reports that the 'jumbotron wedding proposal' could set a wannabe fiancé back around $400... Yikes.

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