Feral hogs have been recently spotted in Texas - and now the internet can’t stop thinking about a classic Twitter meme about owning an assault rifle to combat a herd of them.

In a news report from KFDM/FOX 4, security camera footage caught several hogs congregating on someone’s front lawn in the night.

Glen Garner, a resident in the area, was walking his daughter to the bus stop when he saw evidence of the hog soiree.

“I saw a ton of damage in our front yard, in our neighbours’ yards. Some of the yards down the street were hit worse than others,” Garner told the outlet.

When he pulled up his security camera footage to see the offenders, he was shocked.

“I didn’t expect to see that, I was thinking maybe two or three, four - not 25 or 30,” said Garner.

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The town’s Homeowner’s Association (HOA) said that the pigs had become a seasonal problem in the neighbourhood. However, damage to the flower beds and landscaping has been extensive.

The outlet also spoke to an unnamed wild hog trapper who noted that the only way to control the population of the hogs is to kill 75 per cent of them.

Once people on Twitter caught wind of this story, they automatically reminisced about the series of memes of hogs from the past.

Check out those reactions below:

The original source of the meme came from a Twitter post in August 2019.

A musician named Jason Isbell tweeted, in part, “If you’re on here arguing the definition of ‘assault weapon’ today, you are part of the problem.”

Then someone who goes by @WillieMcNabb tweeted in response to Isbell’s comment the following: “Legit question for rural Americans – How do I kill the 30-50 feral hogs that run into my yard within 3-5 mins while my small kids play?”

This hypothetical argument defended the ownership of assault rifles, which suggested that that kind of weaponry would be necessary to quell the supposed hog invasion.

After this initial tweet was posted, people widely took to the platform to make parody images and lyrics about it.

See some of them below.

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