Find out how your pay compares to your peers', in five maps and charts

(Picture: Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images
(Picture: Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images

If you're a male aircraft pilot in your 40s working in London, you're probably making a fair amount of money, statistically speaking.

Knowing what you should be paid, or comparing against your industry peers, is important - even just knowing the value of your field is crucial - so it's important to have the knowledge at your fingertips.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is always a good place to start, for official breakdowns, but the spreadsheets can be a little daunting.

With this in mind, the below infographic by Expert Market uses data from ONS reports for 2014/15 to break down pay across age, gender, region and industry, thankfully in an easy to read form.

We hope you enjoy it.

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