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A Brexiteer has been corrected for spreading misinformation about potatoes.

Big Brexit fan Robert Kimbell got upset about the cost of fish and chips in a now-deleted tweet, which apparently constitutes "enormous damage" to Britain from the EU.

Remember the good old days where we could enjoy the occasional serving of battered cod and mushy peas without having to take out a bank loan?

Kimbell was soon corrected by Peter Moore.

Yes, according to WhatPrice, the average cost of fish and chips across the UK is £3.30. Meanwhile, InflationData.com claims that a portion cost 25p in 1970 or £3.78 in today's prices, which was three years before Britain joined the European Economic Community (EEC).

Regardless of whether these sources and inflation adjustments stand up to scrutiny, we probably wouldn't have fish and chips without European immigrants anyway.

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