Picture: Getty Images / Richard Stonehouse
Picture: Getty Images / Richard Stonehouse
Picture: Getty Images / Richard Stonehouse

Hate crimes increasing by the highest rate on record, more and more families dependent on food banks, wages rising slower than the rate of inflation...

It can be hard to argue that England is a decent place to live these days.

But because it's the end of the year - and at the end of the year, people love a list - property and local community website ILiveHere has compiled the ten absolute worst places to live in England, as voted for by its users.

Although its hardly a scientific study, the idea is that residents vote for their own town or city.

ILiveHere has been publishing the annual list for more than a decade, and this year thousands of users logged on to cast their vote. As well as publishing the list in full, we've also included comments made about each town by those who voted - which can make for some difficult reading.

To make it a little more interesting, though, indy100 has cross-referenced the towns and cities with how their residents voted in the European Union referendum.

We're often told that many Leave voters opted to exit the EU in protest to what they perceived to be mistreatment and neglect in their local communities. By that token, we could theorise that if you're so unhappy with your town and city that you voted it one of the worst places to live, you're more likely live somewhere that voted to Leave.

Let's see if we're right...

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