Brian Cox just shut down a Flat Earther live on radio

Brian Cox just shut down a Flat Earther live on radio

Flat Earthers aye? We just can't help but admire their blind commitment to something which is blatantly not true.

On multiple occasions, the conspiracy theory has been to be a complete fallacy, but they will keep on fighting to prove the planet is flat until the bitter end.

One person who has attempted to disprove the flat Earth theory on more than one occasion is everyone's favourite northern professor of particle physics Brian Cox.

His latest crusade against the flat Earthers comes courtesy of an interview with BBC Radio Onepresenter Greg James.

While taking part in a segment called 'Shouldn't Be News', Cox was asked about his opinions on the rapper B.o.B, who is an outspoken supporter of the flat Earth belief.

Last year, the rapper declared his intentions to raise money for the construction of a rocket that he would send into the atmosphere to take photos of the flat earth.

When Cox was asked about B.o.B's ambitious experiment he rather bluntly replied:

A ‘flat-Earther’ is a person who thinks the Earth is flat, and that is not right.

It's a sphere.

However, he did have some admiration for B.o.B as at least he was trying to prove his theory right and not just watching videos on YouTube or reading Reddit threads.

Cox added:

To his credit – again, I’m not going to defend what he thinks. It's totally wrong – that’s the heart of science.

If you want to prove something to yourself and you should do, that’s a good instinct, then that’s what you do.

You get your money, build a rocket, go off into space and then you will find it’s spherical.

He has wasted all his money but he will have learnt something.

At the time of writing, B.o.B's GoFundMe campaign for his rocket experiment has raised just $6,893 in seven months.

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