<p>The woman was caught with a hidden camera</p>

The woman was caught with a hidden camera

The Sun

We’ve all been guilty of poor flatmate etiquette. Who among us can say we haven’t used our cohabitees’ butter? Who hasn’t made a bit too much noise after a night-out? But one woman took things slightly too far recently, by stealing her flatmates’ sex toys.

The anonymous US woman was filmed by her flatmates rummaging through their things, after they became suspicious about items going missing in their house and set up hidden cameras to catch her out.

Speaking to local press, Jordan, one of the flatmates, said she became suspicious when she found items like “make-up, nail polish” and a ring in her flatmate’s room.

“I wanted to see what she was stealing because you can’t really keep track of all your things sometimes. You don’t know what you’re missing,” she said.

The footage shows the flatmate picking up a toy and examining it. The flatmates said they confronted her over text after they took the footage and said the flamate claimed she was using them for an ‘art project’. However, they added that the project never materialised causing them to suspect she was selling them.

The housemate then claimed taking sex toys was “just this thing I’ve done with all roommates”.

The thieving flatmate has moved out following the incident, the women said. Probably for the best.

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