Viral TikTok shows flight attendant wearing fake engagement ring to avoid being harassed on shift

<p>The 22-year-old shows viewers the fake engagement ring from Amazon</p>

The 22-year-old shows viewers the fake engagement ring from Amazon

@flywithtay / TikTok

A 22-year-old flight attendant took to TikTok to showcase a fake engagement ring she wears during shifts – to ward off persistent men.

Titled, ‘Works like a charm’, the brief video shows the woman laughing while she flashes her Amazon ring to the camera. The text read, “Flaunting my fake Amazon engagement ring at work to keep the creeps away” along with a comment with a link to the ring.

The TikTok has since been viewed a whopping 1.3 million views@flywithtay /TikTok

“As always, all my videos are in good spirit. I’m just a girl trying to avoid an awkward situation lol. I keep work and love life separate”, Taylor added.

According to the comments, this isn’t as uncommon as people may think. One confessed, “I am so glad I’m not the only one who does this”, while another said, “I’ve done this for years lol.”

“I’m in healthcare. I do the same thing lol”, another added, while one TikTok user revealed, “Divorced and do this when I go to work conferences.”

While the TikTok video is in good humour, the clip and comments do unfortunately highlight the lengths women feel they to go to to avoid unwanted attention and harrassment from men. According to a study, most ‘women have suffered from sexual harrassment and lost faith that such abuse would be dealt with’.

In a poll conducted by YouGov, 97 per cent of women confirmed they had been sexually harassed – a further 80 per cent said they had experienced sexual harassment in a public space. Just four per cent of the women study had reported the harrassment to officials, ‘with 45 per cent admitting that they didn’t believe reporting would help change anything’.

You can watch the full video here.

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