This man was a flower girl at his cousin's wedding and it was amazing

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Like any good cousin, 28-year-old Patrick Casey attended the wedding of Andria Farthing - supporting family and friends and generally adding to the love and joy in the air.

Little did the wedding party know that Casey had a special plan to make the day even more unforgettable.

Casey told Huffpost:

I was lobbying to be their ‘flower man’ even before they were engaged

A little later, after their engagement, they honoured me by bestowing me with the duty I so craved.

That’s right – Casey was the flower 'girl'. Because flowers can be thrown regardless of gender or occaision dammit!

He even used a flower basket Farthing used when the two of them attended a wedding as children.

He told Huffpost it went down rather well:

I think there was some skepticism, but after, many people complimented me on being funny while not crossing the line.

I think most people were won over when I stopped at the end of the aisle, put the basket down. And pulled flower petals from my pockets and threw them in the air, LeBron powder-toss style.

And here he is in action:

And again:

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