Fox News hosts left silent in wake of Cassidy Hutchinson's Trump testimony

Fox News hosts left silent in wake of Cassidy Hutchinson's Trump testimony
January 6 hearing: Former aide testifies Trump dismissed threat of armed protesters

Fox News hosts were left silent after Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony on former President Donald Trump, at the January 6 hearings.

On Tuesday, Bret Baier, Sandra Smith, and John Roberts reacted to the former White House aide's revelations.

"We always point out that there's not a pushback, and it would've been great to hear Jim Jordan or some congressman say some other angle to this, but the testament in and of itself is really, really powerful," Baier said.

This remark from Baier appeared to trigger some awkward silence for a few seconds.

"Sandra? Are you still here?" Roberts asked.

"Indeed, yes, I am here," she said. "You know, Bret, to your point, I just wonder, for the country watching this in this moment, how much this changes what people believed or did not believe."

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However, a Fox News spokesperson explained it was a missed cue between anchors in separate studios in New York and DC on Tuesday."

Despite this, people still took to social media to address the silence.

One person on Twitter wrote: "Imagine all the awkward silences on Fox News when Trump is in prison."

"Crap. People know we're sh*theads. Um, brain rebooting! What do you mean no proper response found?" another quipped.

A third wrote: "Just admit you had it wrong with Trump. Everyone needs to be a grown-up and just accept that he was awful. It's a much bigger sign of intelligence to get new information and change your position. When did adults become such children? #trump #January6thCommiteeHearings.”

Someone else simply added: "Sometimes, silence speaks louder than words."

In another part of the conversation on Fox, Baier even dismissed the former commander-in-chief's Truth Social remarks about Hutchinson's testimony.

"Cassie Hutchinson is under oath on Capitol Hill. The president is on Truth Social making his statements," he said.

Trump said that he "hardly" knew her and that she was "bad news."

Hutchinson, the former top aid to Mark Meadows, highlighted disheartening moments from January 6 and Trump.

One revelation involved Trump's attack on a Secret Service agent.

Hutchinson said that Trump was so eager to get to the Capitol following his speech on the Ellipse on January 6 that he grabbed the steering wheel of the presidential limousine. He also proceeded to get physical with the agent who tried to restrain him.

She said that she believed that he felt he was heading to the Capitol following his speech during the Stop the Steal Rally that day. However, the plans had been blocked off once he returned to the motorcade.

He became so angry that he shouted out, "I'm the f-ing president, take me up to the Capitol now," before trying to drive himself there.

Trump then decided to lunge at the agent's "clavicle" when he tried to restrain him.

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