Early leader Sullivan says he had full English breakfast after 4:30 rise

Nothing divides Brits more than food - what is good - and what is not. And what items are key to make a full English breakfast slap is one particularly tense source of contention in food debates.

A viral thread on Twitter is tackling that thorny issue, with literally thousands of people chipping in with their views on what is the least important component of the breakfast meal.

At the time of writing, the thread has been liked by over 76,000 people and has had over 9,000 quote tweets of people contributing their thoughts.

Of course, people have opinions about just about every food item on the plate, with some saying hash browns should go, others saying they hated cooked tomatoes, and others having strong views about the humble baked bean.

The thread has even attracted the thoughts of journalists and politicians so looks set to be the next Brexit.

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Here's a few hot takes on the hot meal:

As for what the correct answer is for what should be banished from a full English breakfast? It is, of course, black pudding. You're welcome.

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