Every now and again you see something on the internet which makes perfect sense, but yet its logic has seemingly evaded everyone since the beginning of time.

In a video recently uploaded to Twitter by user Valentina Pestilenez, she demonstrates how easy it is to peel a piece of garlic and not spend forever having to deal with all those annoying flakey bits.

She simply sticks the knife into the top of one of the garlic cloves and effortlessly pulls it out from the stem in seconds, leaving a minimal amount of mess and almost no extra work.

The clip which was only shared on Monday has already amassed more than 12 million views on Twitter - and it has blown the internet's collective mind.

This is reminiscent of the video from March where somewhere perfectly demonstrated how easy it is to eat pineapple if you just pick and the individual segments rather than cutting it up.

For those that have already given this method a go, it would appear that a sharp knife is the best tool for anyone to use, otherwise, you may find yourself wasting more time on garlic than you usually would.

So, next time you are cooking up some Korean food or a spaghetti bolognese or one of the thousands of meals that require garlic, remember to use Valentina's method. It'll probably change your cooking skills forever.

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