7 ways to stay make it through the great vibe change of 2022

7 ways to stay make it through the great vibe change of 2022
Gen Z vs. Millennials: Where do you stand on the middle vs. ...

There is something looming in the air, threatening to change our understanding of what's cool and what's not. It started with the shift from skinny jeans to wide-legged jeans but it's beginning to affect everything, including our hair color.

It's a vibe change.

In an article forThe Cut, writer Allison Davis writes about the "vibe shift" happening between Gen Z and Millennials. Just as Millennials changed the discourse around trendy things for Gen X, Gen Z is doing the same. Only this time, Millennials have the internet to express their frustration and worry.

"It was reassuring to think the pandemic had hit PAUSE on life, or at least put things into slo-mo," Davis writes. "For the first time in years, I didn’t feel acute FOMO... but I was cocky to think something wouldn’t fill the void."

As the world begins to adjust to the pandemic we become more comfortable going out and socializing. But this also means clothes, hair, food, and hobby trends are going to change.

"Delta and Omicron slowed down the shift some, a lucky break for those of us who want a second chance to avoid getting left behind," Davis writes, but as she mentioned, it was always bound to come back.

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So if you're looking to stay young and hip with the kids, here are some Gen Z trends to follow in 2022.

Claw clips

Remember the big colorful clips people used in the early 2000s? Well along with many other Y2K trends, claw clips are huge these days. Go outside for 15 minutes, we're sure you'll spot a 19-year-old with one in their hair.


The hit HBO show has Gen Z by the throat. Every Sunday, when a new episode drops, TikTok becomes inundated with Euphoria content. It's the new Gossip Girl, only edgier and with less rich white people.

Photo Dumping

Long gone are the days of overly editing a single photo to post on social media. Since Instagram introduced the carousel feature, people have taken to "photo dumping" or posting a series of photos loosely connected with their life.

Additionally, obvious editing is so last year. Gen Z likes to keep it natural and keep it real.

Middle Parts

Listen, we're not trying to bring up any trauma from Gen Zers viciously posting the word "cheugy" on your TikTok videos so you stop parting your hair to the side. But the generation has declared that middle parts are the way to go.


i got bullied for this hairstyle. I refuse to give up my side part ☹️ #FYP #foryourpage #eldermillenial #middlepart #teamsidepart #nerd

Disposable Cameras

This coincides with the less-edited-photos trend. Gen Z has romanticized the look of film photos taken with a disposable or film camera. There's something nostalgic and beautiful about taking a photo that you can't really edit.

Apps like Huji Cam, Dispo, and Gudtak Cam have become popular for Gen Z to take photos that look like film camera photos but don't require the money or plastic waste of disposable camera photos.

lowercase texting

why would you need uppercase? you don't. you sound like you're 40, calm down.

Iced Coffee

What's hot coffee- never heard of her. Gen Z has declared that iced coffee tastes better than hot coffee and it doesn't matter if it's -12 degrees, they will be taking their coffee iced.

All of these small Gen Z trends point to a larger theme: deliberate authenticity.

The vibe change is obvious for Gen Z, they don't want to hide their natural features behind full-coverage makeup, or sacrifice their health to a toxic workplace for more money. They want to be genuine without giving away too much.

But how could Millennials know that! Everything they learned about social media and beauty standards is quickly being reversed by 15-year-old kids.

But of course, Millennials have a choice. They don't have to assimilate to Gen Z's vibe change, Davis points that out in her article. If someone feels comfortable in their overly-tweezed eyebrow, Brooklyn-hipster phase, let them stay there.

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