A Gen Z dictionary for 'cheugy' millennials

A Gen Z dictionary for 'cheugy' millennials
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TikTok thrives on generational labels, with users often poking fun at the attributing stereotypes that go with them.

Widely thought to be those born between 1997 and 2012, Gen Z is the tech-savvy generation who've been fully immersed in tech their entire lives.

And now the (mostly) Gen Z app has gone as far as creating a whole new vocabulary that leaves some cheugy millennials scratching their heads. However, it's worth noting that some of the terms have been revived and, sadly, aren't Gen Z originals.

To clear up any confusion, here's a non-judgemental dictionary of commonly used terms:


Airtight: Something that is deemed essentially perfect and can't be improved upon.

Beat your face: Particularly popular among beauty influencers, the phrase means to apply makeup.

Cheugy: Someone who is uncool or follows outdated trends such as skinny jeans and Instagram Boomerangs, according to Gen Z.

Drag: To criticise/roast someone.

Drip: Historically used to describe someone rather bland or boring, Gen Z has put a new spin on the term by expressing how good someone's outfit or style is.

Era: Often used to describe the stage of life a person's at. For example, "She's in her health girl era".

Finesse: To manipulate a person or a situation to get what you want.

FR: For real.

Guap: Money.

Hits different: When something is particularly better or good.

Ick: Used to express disgust – often in the context of dating.

It's giving: A starting phrase to describe a feeling.

Iykyk: If you know, you know.

Main character: Someone who is considered well-liked.

Mid: Often used to describe something basic or standard.

NPC: Stands for 'non-playable character' to describe a person with no ability to think for themselves.

Not you...: To poke fun at someone.

No cap: Despite existing way before TikTok's existence, Gen Z uses the term to express they're telling no lies.

Out of pocket: Something unexpected, unhinged or chaotic - but often misused by older generations inside the workplace.

Rent free: When you can't stop thinking about something.

Rizz: A slang term to describe a skill in being charming or seducing a romantic interest.

Say less: You understand, no need to elaborate.

Slay: To look or do exceptionally well.

Stan: A combination of stalker and fan. Often used to express admiration for something or someone.

Simp: Someone who does way too much for someone they have a romantic interest in.

Situationship: A romantic relationship that isn't defined by a label.

Tea: To gossip.

To take an L: The 'L' stands for loss. For example, if someone doesn't get the job they applied for, they might be told to "take the L" and move on. It can often be replaced with a 'W' for a win.

TFW: That feeling when.

Zaddy: A slightly older, well-dressed, attractive man. Pedro Pascal, for example.

Zombied: Used in a dating context when someone "ghosts" – but returns months later.

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