Gen Z women now growing out body hair and say it feels 'sexy' and 'empowering'

''Busted!' Mom catches 2 y/o son shaving '

Gen Z have ditched their razors and turned to social media to share their "empowering" anti-shaving stance in a bid to unapologetically dismantle traditional beauty standards.

TikTok is inundated with an all-natural approach to grooming, with #bodyhairpositivity racking up a staggering 59.3 million views. The movement encourages women to embrace growing out their body hair, with some saying it makes them feel "empowered" and "sexy."

It appears to be working too.

According to the market analyst Mintel, almost one in four women under 25 no longer shave their armpits, compared with just one in 20 in 2013.

One TikTok user took to the platform to showcase her growth journey. "I've got more underarm hair than my boo thang now," she shared, "What a fun new way to assert dominance over men."


Another TikToker poked fun at the unnecessary criticism she had received, with some branding the move "unhygienic", while others posted snarky comments as to whether she had "forgotten to shave."

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The movement goes beyond TikTok too.

Model Sydney Jordan candidly told the New York Post that her choice to grow out her armpit and leg hair has lost her a notable amount of fashion jobs after being advised by her agent "it is not industry standard."

"I'm not willing to shave. This is part of my brand," the 25-year-old said. "I'm trying to normalize this."

Brooklyn native and artist Chanté Glover also told the news outlet that she first felt "pretty alone" in her friendship group when she started growing out her body hair. But now, she finds it "empowering."

"I actually got to a place of really loving it," Glover said, "There's no shame in what we are and embracing what we are. I find [having body hair] to be a sign of confidence and adulthood."

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