'Minions: The Rise of Gru' Set To Kick Off Crowded Month In ...

Cinemas in the UK have issued bans for viewers wearing suits to watch Minions: The Rise of Gruafter several theaters accused teenagers of showing up in suits and being rowdy. But the ban hasn't stopped some from living their dreams.

On TikTok user joel.evans13 posted a video of him and his friends seemingly showing up in streetwear to the new Minions movie only to reveal they were wearing suits under their clothes the whole time.

"Tried to ban the suits, nah," the caption of the video reads.

Joel and his friends are just a few of the people participating in the "gentleminion" TikTok trend where people show up to the movie wearing formalwear.

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Although the gentleminion trend is funny for people to watch, many cinemas are not too pleased with TikTokers for disrupting children's movie-going experience.

Theaters have accused teenagers watching the new Minions movie of being rowdy and throwing things at the screen. Some theaters have even had to refund £1,300 worth of tickets.


Tried to ban the suits, nah #minions #yeat #suits

The gentleminion trend began on TikTok as a joke, although from the lengths some are willing to go to participate it comes across as very serious.

The trend calls upon young people, mainly men, to wear suits to the newest movie in the Despicable Me franchise and act as though it is an extremely serious matter.

The little yellow sidekicks to Gru have become unforgettable across the internet from Facebook to TikTok. Often the minions meme is made in an outdated format, and while some older generations may find them cute and silly, younger people often find humor in the meme's irony.

Even the franchise themselves have gotten in on the action. The minions TikTok account posted a video earlier this weekend calling upon their gentleminion participants to see the new movie.

"Bobspeed you gentleminions," the video caption reads.


Bobspeed you gentleminions. 🤵 #Minions #TheRiseOfGru only in theaters now. #gentleminions #gentlemen #riseofgru #mintok

Universal Pictures tweeted recognizing the effort young people have gone to just to make others laugh online and promote the new minions movie.

Already Minions: The Rise of Gru has made an estimated $125 million at the box office since it opened July 1st, in part thanks to people like Joel and his friends who were determined to watch the movie the way it was intended: as gentleminions.

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