This 75-year-old grandpa is now a fashion influencer with 1 million followers

Alojz Abram is Instagram’s newest star
Alojz Abram is Instagram’s newest star

They say you’re only as old as you feel, and one 75-year-old German man is putting that to the test.

Alojz Abram, aka “Gramps,” has gone viral after sporting his grandson’s colorful streetwear in a collection of photos on Instagram. E

xchanging the orthopedics and customary cable-knit cardigans for stylish sneakers and emblazoned basketball jerseys, Abram is definitely not your regular grandpa.

Nope, he’s a cool grandpa.

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In one photo, Abram can be seen donning a black beanie, camouflage pants and a fresh pair of Nikes while posing next to a boombox. In another, Abram is seen rocking denim overalls over a cable-knit sweater, along with a white beanie and a red scarf tied around his neck. Abram’s rise to fame started in 2016, when his grandson asked him if he wanted to model his clothes.

Abram agreed and has since got 1 million followers on Instagram. With that being said, we decided to pick a few of his favorite looks.

1) Here we find Abram coordinating his Diesel watch, with a blue and white bomber jacket, red and black pants and a red beanie. Oh, and can we talk about those Nikes?

2) We have to agree with Abram’s cardboard sign. Donning a white GCDS jacket, burgundy pants and pastel blue Nikes, Abram’s is the epitome of style.

3) Wearing floral trousers, a denim jacket and black Nikes, we can’t enough of Abram’s spring ensemble.

4) If there’s one thing we all agree on, it’s that “Gramps” definitely knows how to rock a bucket hat. Paired with a pastel pink Lacoste cardigan, jeans and colorful Nikes, Abram takes his Stüssy bucket hat to the next level.

5) We can’t enough of Abram in this opulent green fur jacket by Supreme x The North Face. We only have two questions: is it still in stock and does it come in our size?

6) It’s the Louis Vuitton joggers for us

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