Germans flock to Berlin train station to offer Ukrainian refugees places to stay in moving viral video

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There has been hours and hours of footage coming out of Ukraine over the past week, most of it utterly terrifying. However, a new clip of Ukrainian refugees arriving in Berlin is enough to restore anyone’s faith in humanity.

The new video shows thousands in Germany’s capital city waiting at the train station to offer a room for people fleeing the conflict in Ukraine.

The viral footage from Reuters was shared on social media by Political Scientist Marcel Dirsus, and it’s the most heartwarming thing you’ll see today.

“Thousands of people in Berlin have gone to the central train station to offer fleeing Ukrainians a place to stay. Really moving,” Dirsus’s caption read.

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The footage shows Ukrainians breaking down in tears and hugging strangers after being offered a safe place to stay having making the long journey over from their home country.

“On the right side there are thousands of people from Berlin offering [a] place to stay,” a woman says in the video. “This is absolutely incredible. You just enter the building and there are thousands of people supporting [them].

"They have sayings on the papers in Ukrainian, in English and in Russian.”

Another woman who was forced to leave Ukraine says: “I was very scared and I had to get out from this hell. Now I am here, I hope I am in a safe place."

A man also details his experiences evacuating the country, saying: “The situation was very difficult because they were only evacuating women and children, so me as a man was not allowed to enter the train or the bus. I had to walk about 30km on foot to access the border with a temperature of minus three degrees, so it was really horrible.”

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