Viral video shows woman catching gigantic 600-pound bluefin tuna

Viral video shows woman catching gigantic 600-pound bluefin tuna

A video showing a woman catching a massive nine-foot bluefin tuna has gone viral.

Michelle Bancewicz Cicale landed the gigantic 601-pound fish two weeks ago in Hampton, New Hampshire on her aptly named boat, ‘No Limits’.

The measurement of 9 feet and 600 pounds was taken after the fish had its head, tail and guts removed.

The clip of her landing the massive catch was viewed 61,000 times on Facebook, 8,000 times on Instagram, and a repost on TikTok reeled in 2.6 million viewers.

In the comments of the Instagram video, she revealed that she battled the fish for an hour before scooping it into her boat.

Replying on TikTok, one user wrote: “Not only did she catch this alone, but she also owns this particular boat called ‘No Limits’, she’s definitely a bada** who loves to fish!”

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Another wrote: “Can you PLEASE make up a dating profile and put that picture on it and put every man to shame because they all have pictures with little fish.”

Michelle’s viral video shows just one of many enormous catches she’s made over the last number of years.

Speaking to WOKQ975, she said that during her first solo expedition in July she caught a seven and a half foot titanic tuna that weighed in at 265 pounds.

In October the New York Post reported on how an influx of giant bluefins has sparked “tuna fever” amongst fishing fans in New York.

Founder of Brooklyn-based Rockfish Charters Richard Colombo told the Post that chasing such a huge catch is a “thrill”.

He said: “It’s pound for pound the strongest fighting fish that you can hook. If you hook a 200-pound tuna versus a 200-pound shark, the tuna fights 10 times as hard.”

While the “tuna frenzy” continues in the Big Apple, fishermen and women have big fish to fry indeed.

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