Brave Australian family allow gigantic huntsman spider to live in their house for a year

Spiders use webs as giant hearing aids
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Most people would have their bags packed and ready to leave after seeing this enormous spider making itself comfy in their home. Surprisingly, this Australian family welcomed the huntsman with open arms.

Twitter user Summer Stolarcyk took to the platform with a terrifying photo of their eight-legged friend that they've kept in the house for over a year as a pet. They've become so unphased by the new addition that they even gave her a name, Charlotte.

In a viral tweet that racked up thousands of likes and responses, Summer penned: "Her name is Charlotte, (huntsman spider) she's a welcomed member of the Gray family in Australia , Charlotte loves going from room to room eating bugs n stuff. ps: she's still growing. More of this please embrace the 8-legged angels (sic)."

Naturally, social media was left freaked out – some had even vouched they would never visit Australia.

One said: "No hey, Australia is a scary place..."

While a second was "convinced" that "Australia is just an experimental ring of hell."

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Others were left dumbfounded by their unusual tenant. "Well, it's Charlotte's house now. Move on," one joked, while another reiterated: "I would just simply move; that’s the spider's house now."

A third quizzed the motive behind keeping the huntsman: "I must keep a bug around, to make sure all the other bugs don’t bug in my house?????"

W hile huntsman spiders are venomous and their bites can be painful , they are not deadly to humans, according to Aussie pest control and hygiene company Flick .

The symptoms of a bite are generally mild – and due to being ambush predators, they can attack and dash, covering over a meter within a second

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