A now-viral video captured the horrifying moments that a tornado flickered into view as it hurtled towards a town in Kentucky.

In a CNN report, anchor Fredericka Whitfield spoke to Eddie Knight, who filmed the massive tornado as it was lit by lightning strikes.

“Well, we’ve been watching storms all night… I kind of watched this one coming up on the radar weather a little bit and noticed it was getting really bad,” Knight told Whitfield.

“I heard a noise and got out on the front porch and started looking towards the noise. And then I saw it [...]

Knight said he started to shoot the video because he believed it was coming right towards him, but it missed him. Unfortunately, his “neighbours up the road got hit really hard.”

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Knight said that he “didn’t really feel the air pressure drop” until he went to the basement of his home.

On Saturday, workers that were inside a Mayfield, Kentucky candle factory revealed their fear and how they cried out for help after a building collapsed on top of them in the midst of tornadoes that have swept six southern and Midwest states.

At least 79 people were confirmed dead after 18 tornadoes hit the states as of Saturday. It is believed to be the fatalist tornado Kentucky has witnessed.

On Sunday, Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear warned that the death toll could exceed 100, but later said it might be closer to 50.

Two of his relatives were among those who passed.

“We are still hoping for miracles,” Beshear told ABC News’ David Muir on Sunday. “We are finding people, and every single moment is incredible.”

States such as Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Tennessee have also been affected by tornadoes.

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