What is the 'Girlhood' website that has taken over TikTok?

What is the 'Girlhood' website that has taken over TikTok?
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The “Girlhood” website is going viral on TikTok, but what is it and why are young girls flocking to the site?

Being a teenage girl is hard at the best of times, but mix in social media, phones and other technology and it can be made even harder.

But, equally, girls are now finding community and advice online thanks to the Girlhood website that has gone viral on social media.

On the site, youngsters can find advice about anything from break-ups to school from “big sisters” who are older young women who have been through it themselves.

What is Girlhood?

The Girlhood website is a blog-style forum that offers young girls and teens the chance to get advice and help with issues.

Girls around the world can communicate, share advice and vent their thoughts and feelings with peers.

It was created by two girls, Mia Sugimoto and Sophia Rundle, who explained on Instagram that it is an “organization encouraging teenagers to share their stories and find the support they need”.


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They explain: “Stories can be funny, scary, relatable or entertaining! We want every girl to know that they belong, and there are girls all over the world willing to help.”

Girls can submit questions in order to receive advice or submit amusing stories that can be anonymously shared on the blog.

Those over 15 can also apply to become a respondent and offer their advice to girls who are trying to navigate similar situations. To do this, you have to apply via a form that seeks to “gauge your character” and assess the kind of advice you might give.

While Girlhood does not profess to offer professional help or mental health services, it does create a safe space for people to share their advice based on personal experience.

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