<p>Allie Wright (right) shared a recording of the encounter on TikTok</p>

Allie Wright (right) shared a recording of the encounter on TikTok


A group of young women were left dumbfounded after they were branded “prostitutes” for taking photos at the beach.

TikTok user Allie Wright said she was on holiday with her family in Florida when she, her sister and her cousin, decided to take some snaps by the sea.

The perfectly normal activity took a bizarre and unpleasant turn when an older woman came over to criticise them for posing in their swimsuits.

Wright filmed the encounter which began with the stranger referring to “prostitute stuff” as she launched into her tirade.

"You know what you’re going to put this on the internet or some s***, and someone is going to be stalking you,” she told the trio.

Flabbergasted, one of the girls replied: “We look like prostitutes for wearing swimsuits?” before another protested: “Everyone is wearing swimsuits on the beach.”

But dismissing them, the woman continued: “You’re doing these little sexy things. You weren’t standing there. This is a family beach.”

Wright then protested: “I was taking a picture of them standing there,” before one of her companions politely asked the stranger to leave.

The TikToker posted her recording of the incident on Monday, with the caption: "PSA apparently taking pictures on the beach [with] your fam makes you prostitutes."

The woman pointed aggressively at the girls as they attempted to defend themselvesalwright27/TikTok

In another version of the clip – this time without music to make the audio clearer – she added: “The worst part is we thought she was coming up to tell us we looked cute or something – definitely took us by surprise.”

Both videos racked up hundreds of thousands of views and likes as fellow users of the platform shared their horror at the woman’s behaviour.

Wright also shared the photo she’d been taking when the intruder stormed over, pointing out that her sister and cousin weren’t even posing for the picture – one of them had even covered her face with her hand.

Wright shared the offending photo, overlaying it with her own face to protect her loved-ones’ identitiesalwright27/TikTok

Fellow TikTokers branded the unsolicited commentator a “Karen” for her outburst, insisting that the girls were in no way acting inappropriately.

One wrote: “I’m a grandma, I don’t see what Karen sees? They look perfectly respectful to me, Karen needs to get a life!”

Another said: “They look beautiful and appropriate. Definitely not deserving of the rude comment. Dress and do as you want, it’s not anyone else’s business.”

A third commented: "I’m so sorry you had to go through that. You should be able to enjoy the beach. Nothing wrong with what you are wearing."

And a fourth wrote: “So people can’t take pics on the beach now? Lol give me a break.”

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