GMB viewers thought Matt Hancock was walking with a ‘swagger’ and roasted him accordingly

GMB viewers thought Matt Hancock was walking with a ‘swagger’ and roasted him accordingly

Good Morning Britain viewers were left cringing following former health secretary Matt Hancock’s appearance on Wednesday’s show after his giddy entrance.

Things kicked off to a bizarre start when the ToryMP ‘swaggered’ up to his seat alongside Susanna Reid and Adil Ray before getting pressed about the alleged Christmas party he “didn’t know anything about.”

Reid said: “he’s got a spring in his step” as Hancock hitched himself up into the seat with a slight leap. One user joked that he may as well have performed a parkour in the process.


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People turned to Twitter to roast Hancock accordingly, with one questioning, “WTF is that entrance from Matt Hancock?”

After the break, Reid and Ray referenced the moment the Tory “cried” on live TV – which instantly turned into a meme last year.

He responded: “Yeah, but it was a really emotional moment, we’d been working on the vaccine for a year,” he said. “I just about pulled myself together to answer questions.”

Of course, Twitter being Twitter also took to the occasion, wishing the viral appearance a happy anniversary.

The hosts have since won praise for grilling Hancock on Wednesday’s GMB.

“You lost your job because you broke the social distancing rules,” Reid said. “When you see that there was a party that potentially broke the rules, how does that make you feel?”

“I don’t know anything about the party,” he insisted. “I wasn’t invited, I wasn’t there... I only found out about it late last night.

“I’ve seen what was in the papers. I don’t think anyone is saying that Boris Johnson was there.”

As he continued to be pressed, Hancock continued: “As I said, I don’t know anything more about it... I was working incredibly hard at the time.”

“I take responsibility for my actions,” he added.

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