Goat gives birth to deformed hairless baby with ‘human’ face

Goat gives birth to deformed hairless baby with ‘human’ face

WARNING: Graphic images

A farmer was left stunned after a goat gave birth to a deformed hairless baby with the “face of a human” – which attracted an influx of villagers desperate to get a glimpse.

The “human baby-like offspring” was found in Gangapur village in north east India by Shankar Das, 46. The kid was born with just two limbs and didn’t have a tail. It was completely hairless with ears that were severely deformed.

Some have said the kid’s facial features resembled a human, due to its nose, mouth and forehead.

The unusual incident had Shankar astonished, saying it was the first time he had witnessed anything like it.

“The neighbours rushed to our house,” he said. “Everyone was left shocked by its appearance resembling a human baby.”

He explained how the new arrival was the goat’s second delivery. “It has stunned me and the villagers as well,” he added.

Tahir Ibn Manzoor / SWNS.COM

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The kid was born alive but later died. They buried the second arrival later that day, leaving the family upset and baffled.

In India, some locals suggested that the birth of a deformed animal is considered a bad omen or bad luck.

Tahir Ibn Manzoor / SWNS.COM

Neighbour Rakesh Kumar added: “In many areas, it’s considered as the warning.

“The people see the mutant births as the sign from God.”

Tahir Ibn Manzoor / SWNS.COM

Local vet Fayyaz Ahmed said goats are more susceptible when it comes to mutant births.

“The impaired development of the kid in the womb is likely caused by the Rift Valley fever disease. There could be other possibilities as well which led to a genetic mutation,”

“It’s advice that the farmers should take their animals to veterinarians for detailed check-ups,” he added.

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