Google Maps captures dramatic moment it hits a man on a motorbike

Google Maps captures dramatic moment it hits a man on a motorbike
Google Maps Is Not Okay

Another day, another incident spotted on Google Maps. This time, it's a far cry from the previous lighthearted encounters.

In the past, the Google Street View cars have picked up on an X-rated encounter involving a couple on the car boot, a man using a car as a toilet – and a kid stuck in a bin.

Now, eagle-eyed viewers of Reddit have highlighted a collision between a motorbike driver and a Google car. One user claimed the area to be Youpe Amadi, Senegal.

One angle shows the motorcycle driver seemingly doing a U-turn before being knocked off his bike.

One Redditor responded: "Going up to your boss and saying 'Hey I just hit a guy so we should probably go back and retake pictures of this area' could result in a loss of job."

Another said: "I’d think he’d go back and drive past the area without the crash for there to be a clean version to upload? Or at least blurred this out, but maybe it just slipped through the cracks."

A third added: "I love the fact that Google kept the footage and used it."

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Google Maps

Meanwhile, on Dukes Highway in Keith, South Australia, a couple were seemingly spotted getting frisky on the side of the road as the Google van drove past.

The woman even appears to smile as the man takes a swig from his beer.

The internet was left baffled by the image that inevitably went viral. "At least they were being safe and pulled over," one person joked, while another reiterated: "No shame!"

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