The 21 greatest DIY mistakes ever

The 21 greatest DIY mistakes ever
Picture: sturti/istock

Sometimes, you should just shell out the money to have someone fix your broken television, or the wiring in your house, rather than attempt it yourself.

Reddit users have been sharing their biggest DIY fails most...creative DIY hacks.

FYI: You shouldn't try any of these at home (because ofsafety concerns and because you may eventually want to sell the place).

Have a look at a selection, below:

1. This TV stand

Picture: Imgur

2. This ingenious door locking mechanism

3. This hedge-trimmer

Picture: triptanic/Reddit

4. This chair

Picture: Imgur

5. This clock that doesn't tell the time properly

Picture: Imgur

6. This bag clip that definitely doesn't look dangerous

Picture: Imgur

7. This sink

Picture: carnedelpie/Reddit

8. This door handle. Nailed it.

Picture: Imgur

9. This tap

Picture: dankfish2000/Reddit

10. Emergency stop switch

11. Shelves

Picture: Pawtang/Reddit

12. These brakes

Picture: Blackthorn1984/Reddit

13. This mouse pad

14. This scooter

Picture: Imgur

15. This electric window fixer upper

16. This solid tiling work

17. This fantastic shoe repair

Picture: Imgur

18. This makeshift petrol tank

Picture: Imgur

19. This hot tub

20. This cup made out of a can

Picture: IAMmojo/Reddit

21. This staircase that leads to a wall

...There's only one response for these...

Picture: collius/Imgur

Just don't.

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