This Tory election video is utterly stunning, for all the wrong reasons


Greg Knight hopes to once again be the Conservative MP for East Yorkshire – he’s also the focus point of one of the most genius campaign videos in history.

In a video that has been circulated online, Knight gives a short speech about why the people should vote for him in the general election this week. But it seems that wasn’t enough for Knight.

Halfway through the video, the beat drops in, to the words:

You’ll get accountability

With conservative delivery

Make sure this time you get it right

Vote for Greg Knight

If that doesn’t make you want to vote for Knight, then perhaps you’ll be tempted by another of his videos from 2010. That's right - this isn't over yet.

This video sang:

Conservatives work for you, vote Greg Knight and you’ll never lose

Conservatives will work for you and Yorkshire too oo oo

Then the video inexplicably cuts to footage of a cat – because what ever makes sense in politics anymore?

And lastly, in case you hadn't had your fix yet, there’s also a video put together using the whole election 2017 theme song from his website.

It sings:

Hey, don’t you know Greg Knight’s been working hard for you

Hey, he’s been working hard for east Yorkshire too

Hey , don’t you know Greg Knight’s a winner through and through

Hey, and he’ll do the best that he can do

That's politics.

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