There are few high-street staples in the UK that are as beloved as Greggs.

The bakery chain has saved many a breakfast, lunch, dinner and even a late-night stagger home from the pub with its sausage rolls, bakes, sandwiches and cakes.

However, it would appear that it’s not just Brits who enjoy a good Greggs.

An American woman on TikTok named Gabrielle Marcellus has become a hit on Instagram after expressing her love for Greggs but it’s actually her pronunciation of the name which has earned her viral fame.

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A clip shared by the much-adored Instagram account Love of Huns shows Marcellus giving a shout out to Greggs outside one of its many high street branches, except she calls it ‘GR Eggs.’

The video sees Marcellus tell her American friends that Greggs is a great place to go for breakfast but one of her friends has to stop her to say that it’s called ‘Greggs’ not ‘GR Eggs.’

Her original video, which was shared around a week ago on TikTok, has since been viewed more than two million times with many Brits struggling to believe what they have just heard.


Wait what’s it called????

Supermarket Co-Op replied to the clip saying: “That’s a nope from us then.” Meanwhile, Heinz wrote: “GReggs is a vibe.”

Greggs themselves have since gotten involved, tweeting the clip and adding: “This is G.R. Eggs, reporting for duty.”

Since the video has gone viral, Marcellus has posted another TikTok explaining why she calls Greggs ‘GR Eggs.’ She says that, in 2018, she had an English boyfriend and during a trip to London they were searching for somewhere to have breakfast.

“I found this one place, way back there that was called GR Eggs. He was like ‘What?’ I was like: ‘Yeah, it’s called GR Eggs and he was like: ‘What, show me, show me.’ So I literally went and I showed him this place and he was like ‘Greggs?’

“I don’t know why but for some reason I saw the word ‘eggs’ and ‘GR’ and I swore it was ‘GR Eggs.’ It’s definitely not. I know it’s called Greggs but it’s such a funny story and it’s a running joke with me and my friends from the UK. I never refer to it as Greggs because to me it’s always GR Eggs.”


Reply to @cocoscanines just knew that video would go viral. Thanks for proving me right 😂

Regardless of whether it’s called ‘Greggs’ or ‘GR Eggs’ there’s no denying that Gabrielle has put a smile on a lot of people’s faces with this hilarious bit of confusion.

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