Groom slammed for inviting his fiancée's high school bullies to their wedding

Groom slammed for inviting his fiancée's high school bullies to their wedding
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Anyone who has been bullied in high school is keen to keep their bullies in the past - which is why one man has been criticised online for inviting those who tormented his fiancée in high school.

Sharing his dilemma in the infamous "Am I the A**hole" (AITA) subreddit, the 33-year-old man asked if he was the a**hole for "my old friends to my wedding despite my fiancée's disapproval?"

In the beginning, he explains how he and his 32-year-old fiancée know each other from high school. "I had an old group of friends that I wanted to invite to my wedding because they were close to me back then. When my fiancée found out and read the name on every invitation, she went into panic mode."

The fiancée then made her opinion abundantly clear.

"She said she doesn't want any member of this group in our wedding whatsoever, I asked her to explain and she claimed they'd heavily bullied and harassed her in high school while she was dealing with major health problems."

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He also detailed how she told him the group "made her life hell" and affected her mental health.

"I asked if she was serious because this was many years ago and everyone has matured by now. She said no and that it doesn't make sense that I want to invite them when I don't even hang out with them since God knows when. I said true but most of them are from my neighborhood (parent's house) and they were part of my childhood-teenage years and I wanted them to be invited. Plus, I'm in constant contact with some of them.

The man's fiancée shared how her high school bullies "made her life hell" by he still wants to invite them as they were his friendsiStock Photo by Getty Images

"She said she'll veto my decision but I argued that it was ridiculous that she is so hung up on some petty high school drama. she started crying saying I have no consideration for how she feels and felt like I was prioritizing this group over her. I refused to argue anymore because I felt that she keeps disrespecting my choices yet, I got called the selfish one in this whole situation.

"She's still arguing with me about it and it's getting exhausting because I don't tell her to invite this person or that person. AITA then?

Let's just say the comments spelt it out pretty quickly their unanimous verdict on this quandary as they sided with the fiancée.

One person wrote: "YTA. Let me get this straight, you want to invite them because "back in the day" you hang out with them, but her being bullied does not count because it's 'years ago'?

"Do you even like your fiancée?" another person asked before sharing their thoughts. "She's talking about trauma caused by these people and you're being so dismissive - if it's more important for you to have high-school buddies at your wedding than it is for your bride to be happy... you should probably reevaluate the whole marriage thing."

Someone else added: "YTA. It sounds like you don’t care about your future wife."

"YTA - look, I know it's your wedding too, but these people caused a lot of damage to her mental health. You haven't seen them in years. So why are you prioritizing them over your future wife?" A fourth person asked and then advised:

"If you want to catch up, go and hang out with them. But don't invite ghosts of the past to a special day, that could cause a panic attack or breakdown in your wife."

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