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It's a pretty depressing time right now, what with the threat of nuclear war and McDonald's still not selling mayonnaise.

But don't worry, this viral post is the kind that might just restore your faith in humanity.

The Tumblr post was picked up by this Twitter user who happily spread the word.

It started out with this depressing and horribly violent wish from a now-deleted account.

Picture: Tumblr / true-blue-brit

People were more than happy to step up and take the offer, starting with this man and his intimidating pose.

Picture:Picture: Tumblr / olisaurusrex

Then came even beefier back-up.

Picture:Picture: Tumblr / thattallsummonerguy

The opponents just got tougher and tougher.

Picture:Picture: Tumblr / adventureathlete

Then this feisty woman popped up out of the blue - and so an iconic post was born.

Picture:Picture: Tumblr / ggothclaudia

Petition to make a movie about them as a misogynist-fighting posse with the last woman as the star, anyone?

People on Twitter joined the party.

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