Woman shares the perfect hack to reheat pizza

Woman shares the perfect hack to reheat pizza
How To Make Cheesy Pizza Cones

Long gone are the days of throwing a cold pizza slice in the microwave for a quick (soggy-bottomed) reheat.

A food blogger has revealed a genius hack to maintain the best texture. Farwin Simaak of Love and Other Spicesis known for her delicious air fryer recipes. She told Insider that reheating pizza in the air fryer is a tip she swears by.

Not only is an air fryer quicker than a conventional oven, it also cancels out any sogginess and prevents hardening the layer of cheese.

All you need to do is, preheat the appliance to 350 degrees and spray the pizza with a small amount of oil. Add a teaspoon of water for steam.

Put the slice(s) in for around four minutes. And voila!

If you want to add a bit more flavour into your slices, simply sprinkle on some Italian seasoning such as oregano, dried basil leaves and red pepper flakes.

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Don't own an air fryer? Don't worry.

A TikTok user shared yet another unconventional pizza reheating hack that everyone has since became obsessed with.

The home cook TikToker places the pizza slice on a hot frying pan, adds a splash of water and puts the lid on top. The pizza is steamed in just a few minutes, resulting in a delicious crunchy base topped with hot melting cheese.


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A fellow user admitted: “Confession: I would rather eat it this way than fresh”, one fellow TikToker commented.

“I’m constantly amazed by how many things TikTok has taught me”, one user added

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